• Kandy is… “A spiritual city, set beside a beautiful lake, and surrounded by lush tea valleys.”
  • Home to one of Buddhism’s most sacred shrines – the Temple of the Tooth
  • Spot wild elephants on safari, stretch out on white-sand beaches, and swim or surf in crystal-clear waters
  • Hike up Sigiriya Rock to reach the ancient fortress on the summit – the panoramic views are breathtaking
  • Make friends with friendly locals, and discover a rich culture that has passed from generation to generation


You’ll live at our spacious Kandy house, in a quiet residential area. The rooftop gives fantastic views over Kandy Lake and the surrounding hills, and the interior has an airy and open feel. There's plenty of space for socialising and relaxing, with sofas in the lounge areas, and a space for group meals in our dining room where you can chat and get to know new friends.

In charge of running the house, our Program Manager and their assistant are available for 24-hour support. At the house, you’ll also have a housekeeper and a chef who cooks two delicious meals a day, including a weekly BBQ night. Twice a week, our local language teacher visits to give lessons.

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Our Ayurveda experience is a rewarding and eye-opening addition to your Kandy placement. This optional week adds an unforgettable dimension to your clinical placement in Sri Lanka – for many students, it’s the part they cherish most.

In Sri Lanka, modern healthcare is often used alongside traditional treatments that include Ayurvedic medicine. During your extension week, you’ll head to a local health clinic each morning to learn all about the ancient art of Ayurveda. You’ll be working alongside a skilled local doctor who uses plants and barks to create medicines. In the afternoons, you can enjoy activities like canoe trips, elephant safaris, massages at Ayurvedic spas, and treks through dense jungles.


Placements in Sri Lanka - Kandy

"I came home realising that despite being overstretched and understaffed, their system works."

Siwan Jones, Cardiff University 2018

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"I must say that these four weeks were eye-opening."

Cheyenne Janssen, 2018

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"The most noticeable difference between Sri Lanka and the UK lay, without a doubt, with infection control".

Amy Milne, University of Liverpool 2018

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"We went on elephant safaris, hiking, white water rafting, snorkelling, surfing, and releasing baby turtles."

Emma Braithwaite, University of Manchester 2018

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"I saw both routine surgeries and those that were unique and challenging."

Samuel Jennings, University of Wollongong 2018

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