Mutually Beneficial relationships

KATHMANDU DESTINATION PAGE - clinical imageWhen we set up programmes in the developing world, one of our goals is making sure our presence benefits the host country.

We're neither an NGO nor a charity, but we want our programmes to work for everyone involved.

One of the ways we achieve this is by setting up partnerships with local hospitals. Everyone from individual department staff to hospital directors help these partnerships take shape.

Getting lots of perspectives means we can create relationships that result in positive outcomes for everyone involved.

So, what are the benefits for our partners?

Equipment Donations

Every public healthcare system needs more resources and equipment than it has, the NHS included. But many hospitals in the developing world lack some of the most basic life-saving equipment we take for granted in the UK.

Our close relationships with staff in local departments give us an understanding of what each department lacks. This helps us build up a picture of how we can help fill equipment gaps where we can.

We want to understand each department's needs so we can make sure our donations are helping as many people as possible.

"When Work the World Students come it’s easy to identify equipment gaps that we have. When we see these gaps, Work the World helps fill them for us.” - Dr. Meshak Shimwela, Hospital Director — Tanzania

How does this work?

DONATIONSWe learned from staff, students and graduates that a department in one of our partner hospitals in Ghana needed an oxygen concentrator. Local specialists estimated that with this piece of kit they could save as many as 150 lives each year.

Our staff on the ground in Ghana then worked with the hospital to get one donated.

Over the years we've donated laptops, medicine trolleys, dentistry curing lights, portable theatres, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, thermometers…. Much more than we can list here.

"Work the World have donated a lot to our ward because they’ve seen the situation of our patients. We’re so thankful for all the help they’ve extended to our medical centre." - Rose Karen Hijosa, Senior Nurse — The Philippines

Monetary Donations

SUPPORTING OUR PARTNERS PAGE - inline imageWe're proud to say that in 2019 we donated over $575,000 USD to our partner hospitals and clinics. We achieved this by putting aside a fixed amount to each of our partner hospitals for every student and graduate they host.

We also make sure to recognise individual staff for both their dedication to patients and enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing with students and graduates.

You'll meet some of these supervising staff on your own placement and see for yourself just how crucial they are to their departments.

As our organisation grows, we strike up new partnerships in developing countries around the world. This means we can direct even more money and equipment to places where they'll make a genuine impact.

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