A nursing placement abroad is a placement you undertake in a low-resource (but busy) hospital in a developing country.

Compared to what you’re used to, the healthcare system will be totally different. And you’ll get experience with practises and conditions you’ve never seen before.

You can completely customise your placement. You choose the destination you want to travel to and the departments you want to get experience in — whether your focus is adult, paediatrics, mental health or otherwise.

As a nursing student abroad, you’ll see unfamiliar conditions like tropical infectious diseases, see how sociocultural issues affect how care is delivered, and get insight into global health issues.


Our placements are designed to help you develop and stand out from the thousands of other nursing students who graduate every year.

On one of our nursing placements overseas, you’ll:

  • Expand your clinical knowledge and skill set
  • Sharpen your communication skills
  • Develop your confidence and resourcefulness
  • Build your personal and professional network
  • Become more attractive to employers

Our nursing placements run Monday through Friday. That frees up your evenings and weekends to explore a stunning country you might never again be able to visit.


We're Work the World — The authority on customising and building overseas nursing placements.

We started in 2005, and since then we’ve created placements for more than 16,000 students and graduates from over 450 universities worldwide.

We deliver a personal, end-to-end service that includes:

A customised placement in departments of your choosing | Comprehensive pre-trip preparation | Private, catered accommodation | 24/7 in-country support

Placement durations are from one week upward. Programs run 365 days a year and arrivals are every Sunday.

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You can go on a nursing placement abroad if:

  • You’re undertaking a nursing degree
  • You’ve recently graduated with a nursing degree


First, talk to our team. They’re experts and will paint you a vivid picture of what to expect.

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We understand that the global situation is evolving every day. So now when you register for your overseas placement with Work the World, you can make unlimited changes to your travel dates, or your choice of destination.

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Indonesia - Yogyakarta
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Nurses in Indonesia face several challenges, the patient to nurse ratio being one of them. In Australia, we have around 150 nurses per 10,000 people, whereas in Indonesia there are roughly 13 per 10,000. This makes it harder for local nurses to manage conditions like tuberculosis and diarrheal diseases, which (while in decline) are still prevalent in Indonesia. At our partner hospital, you’ll see the incredible work local nurses are doing to make up the shortfall. You’ll also see how a sudden change in diet and an increase in tobacco usage has led to an explosion of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases among the local population.

Mexico - Merida
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Merida is Mexico’s centre of sophistication. The city is home to beautiful colonial architecture, and broad boulevards punctuated with green plazas. At night, the city is alive with restaurants and bars spilling out into the streets. At weekends, dive in beautiful underwater caves known as ‘cenotes’, unwind on tropical beaches, and visit breathtaking Mayan temple ruins.


Understand the ‘ins and outs’ of the healthcare system in Mexico from local nurses in a highly specialised government hospital in Merida. Many patients will present advanced cases having gone through a typically long and complicated referral process. In another hospital with far fewer resources, you could gain direct experience with patients suffering from unfamiliar tropical diseases such as Chagas, chikungunya and dengue fever. You can now also get experience in a specialist psychiatric hospital, so please enquire for more details.

Vietnam - Hue
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A vibrant focal point of Southeast Asian culture and backpacker favourite, with bustling markets, lively bars and delicious street food in abundance. Close to tropical beaches, rainforests, and ancient temples and pagodas, you’ll have every chance to indulge your adventurous side.


The institution we’ve partnered with in Hue is a highly-regarded university teaching hospital, which means the clinical experience you’ll get here will be exceptional. You could rotate through departments like the ED, paediatrics, psychiatry, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, gastrointestinal endoscopy, and oncology. There is even the chance to learn about Vietnamese traditional medicine and how it’s still used to treat patients.

Zambia - Lusaka
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Lusaka is Zambia’s thriving capital city. Visit game parks to see rhino, lions, elephants and cheetah, and spot hippos wading through the beautiful Zambezi River while rowing along the shore in your canoe. Rich local cultures and traditions deeply ingrained in Zambian tribal culture are a highlight.


The hospital we’re partnered with in Lusaka is actually five independent institutions in one, comprising Adult, Paediatric, Mother and Newborn, Eye and Cancer and Diseases Hospitals. Great flexibility is built into our placements, meaning you can rotate through them all. Gain experience assisting with cases of glaucoma, clubfoot, malnutrition, paediatric HIV and cervical cancer — one of Zambia’s most prominent causes of death among women.

Cambodia - Phnom Penh
Famous Angkor Wat temple complex in sunset, near Siem Reap, Cambodia.Panoramic view.
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Sprawling from the banks of the mighty Mekong river, Cambodia’s capital is an intoxicating hub of contrasts, where bustling street side marketplaces touting branded accessories coexist with the quiet and ancient Buddhist temples. Outside the capital, discover pristete coastline and explore the jungles to find the resident leopards and sun bears.


On a nursing placement here you’ll encounter tropical infectious diseases like malaria, HIV, TB, and influenza. Patients will likely present conditions at stages much further advanced than you've seen. Read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Phnom Penh.

Famous Angkor Wat temple complex in sunset, near Siem Reap, Cambodia.Panoramic view.

Nepal - Pokhara
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Pokhara is a historical hub, but with all the amenities any traveler could want. Paragliding and white-water rafting opportunities make it perfect for thrill-seekers, while the city’s temples and still lake provide tranquility.


Demonstrate proactivity on your nursing placement and you could assist in the treatment of cases like pneumonia, leprosy, and respiratory infections. You’ll also gain insight into the roles Nurses have here, with bedside care carried out by family members. Read stories from those who've already travelled with us to Pokhara.


Philippines - Iloilo
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Iloilo is the perfect destination if you’re searching for sun, sea, or a specialist nursing placement abroad! Island hopping at weekends, diving with whale sharks and giant turtles, and touring local bars are just some of the activities you’ll enjoy.


A proactive attitude on placement will allow you to tap into subspecialities like Ophthalmology, Toxicology, Dermatology, and Cardiology. Spending time in the popular Animal Bites Clinic will open your eyes to cases tupical to Iloilo and the surrounding villages. Read stories from those who've already travelled with us to Iloilo.


Nepal - Kathmandu
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Kathmandu is a lively jumble of ornate temples, wild monkeys, chanting monks, and more. Paragliding, bungee jumping, and white-water rafting opportunities all lie close-by, as do the jungles and mountains.


On your nursing placement, you'll have the opportunity to rotate through departments like Mental Health, OBG, and Paediatrics. Venture into local communities to undertake outreach clinics, and you'll encounter conditions specific to Nepal. You’ll also learn from staff whose daily battle with limited resources forces innovation. Read stories from those who've already travelled with us to Kathmandu. 


Tanzania - Dar es Salaam
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The large Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Spot the ‘big five’ on safari in Sealous Game Park, or travel to Mt. Kilimanjaro, which some of our students and graduates have climbed!


A nursing placement here will give you the chance to spend time in the hospital’s HIV clinic. Departments dedicated to Paediatric HIV and supporting HIV positive mothers will highlight the realities of providing necessary care to high patient numbers, all with limited resources. Read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Dar es Salaam.


Sri Lanka - Kandy
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Not only is Kandy staggeringly beautiful with lush tropical jungles, ornate temples and wildlife like elephants and leopards, but it also boasts an ancient healthcare system that’s over 5000 years old, the practice of which is still a popular alternative to western medicine.


Show initiative on your nursing placement and opportunities to assist in the treatment of advanced diseases like dengue fever, TB and cases of malnutrition will present themselves. There’s also the busy OBG Ward where you might choose to assist with complicated pregnancies and Neonatal Intensive Care. Read stories from those who've already travelled with us to Kandy.


Ghana - Takoradi
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Takoradi is a backpacker’s paradise, with fishing villages and historical forts dotting the golden, palm-lined shores. You’ll also have the chance to spot wildlife on safari, swim in jungle waterfalls, or simply relax and soak up the sun!


On your nursing placement you'll have the option to spend time in The Reproductive and Child Health Department. This is run solely by nurses and encompasses Family Planning, Postnatal Care, and growth monitoring. Visits to schools to offer hygiene talks and immunizations are also common. Read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Takoradi. 


"I gained a lot more confidence and independence in my practice and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity".

Chloe Pendlebury, Manchester Metropolitan University 2020

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"The skills of these women were amazing to watch in action."

Grazielle Panteria, La Trobe University 2020

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"The placement experience was priceless! The staff on placement and the Work the World team at the house were all extremely helpful and friendly".

Shirin Patel , University of Central Lancashire 2020

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"I gained experience that I wouldn’t get anywhere else."

Danielle Broad, University of Birmingham 2020

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"Every single staff member made me feel welcome and valuable."

Katie Hoskins, University of Gloucestershire 2020

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What do our nursing placements offer?

A Work the World nursing placement gives you the chance to undertake a clinical placement in the developing world. You will spend time in a low-resource hospital and see unfamiliar practices and advanced conditions. You can even choose the departments you want to rotate through. Learn more here.

What are the benefits of a Work the World nursing placement?

An overseas nursing placement helps prepare you for what’s to come when you’re looking for your first job out of university. You'll

  • Develop your confidence before you graduate into the working world
  • Make yourself more attractive to employers
  • Build your professional network
  • Change your perspective on the healthcare system back home
  • Get real life experience while doing some proper travelling

How can I raise funds for my nursing placement?

It’s easier than ever to get the funds together for your overseas nursing placement. You can take advantage of government programs like OS-HELP, you can take the initiative by starting your own online fundraising page, and you can apply for a huge number of grants and bursaries to help you along the way. Learn how easy it is to raise as much as you need.

What countries can I travel to on a Work the World nursing placement?

Work the World organise nursing placements in Africa, Asia or Latin America, with placements in 10 different countries: 1. Tanzania 2. Zambia  3. Vietnam 4. Cambodia  5. Indonesia 6. Mexico 7. Ghana 8. The Philippines 9. Nepal 10. Sri Lanka.

Can nurses practise internationally?

Yes, nurses can practise internationally. If you are studying towards a nursing degree (or you’re a recent graduate), you’re eligible for an international nursing placement with us. Get in touch today to explore your options.

How long is a Work the World nursing placement?

A nursing placement is as long as you want it to be. Our minimum placement duration is one week, but students typically travel on their nursing placements for 4 weeks. There is no upper limit to how long you can travel for.