You may be in a position where you have a shorter-than-expected window to get your overseas clinical placement sorted. But don’t worry - we can organise a placement for you in as little as a couple of weeks thanks to the infrastructure we have set up on the ground.

We would typically organise your placement well in advance. But that does not mean we can’t organise an equally high-quality last-minute placement for you. 

We have developed a placement fast-track that lets us plan and build award-winning placements faster than ever. We offer a limited number of last minute placements, so do get in touch if you’re thinking about this and we can discuss options with you.



Once you’ve secured your space, you can make changes to your travel dates up to 90 days before departure with no administration fees.


Expert team to help you 

We dedicate 100% of our time to building and overseeing quality overseas elective placements, and nothing else. You'll get support tailored to your needs every step of the way.

If you’re planning a last-minute healthcare placement, our team can advise on our range of destinations with the quickest visa application processes.




Travelling for UNIVERSITY CREDIT? 

We work with hundreds of universities around the world and offer full support to you and your faculty. 

We have a streamlined process aligning our placements with your particular faculty's expectations and your overall objectives. 

You’ll be supported with university paperwork including; risk assessments and hospital and supervisor information. 


Margaret Roth (ROTH25606)Travelling independently of university? 

Have you missed out on undertaking your overseas placement as part of your degree? Does your degree course lack an overseas elective placement module? 

Well, there's good news - It’s absolutely possible to travel outside of term time and independent of your university.

You can even travel once you've graduated. You’ll get exactly the same level of trip customisation as everyone else. You may even get more choice, depending on your level of experience.