I've already graduated, can I still go?

Midwifery Elective in Arusha, TanzaniaYes — whether you're newly qualified or a practicing professional, there's a Work the World placement with your name on it. Every element of your experience is tailor-made and you might be a graduate or maybe you've been practicing for a couple of years, but want to do something a bit different.

Either way, you can choose the destination you want to travel to, the kind of hospital you want to attend, and the departments you want to get experience in.

To find out if a Work the World professional placement abroad is what you had in mind, browse the sections below or fill in the short enquiry form and a member of our team will be in contact. 

Going in with the right mindset

Dentistry students with their supervisors in Arusha, TanzaniaYou are, first and foremost, a guest in an unfamiliar, low resourced healthcare system.

Although you may be qualified you will be placed in a very different setting compared to what you're used to back home in Australia or New Zealand. You’re there to learn how local professionals deal with local issues, and to share how things work in your home country.

You won’t have your own patients but you can expect to assist and learn from local healthcare staff. 

We arrange for local practicing professionals to supervise your placement day-to-day. 

The more proactive you are on placement, the more you build relations with your supervisors, the more opportunities will present themselves. 

Global hospital partners

PLACEMENTOne of the many benefits you’ll enjoy as part of a Work the World placement is choosing from hospitals including:

Large government hospitals | Tertiary referral centres | Teaching hospitals | Maternity hospitals | Pediatric hospitals |Cancer hospitals | Modern private hospitals | Community clinics

We can even arrange for you to live in rural tribal villages, helping treat local patients.

All this means you can choose something that’s familiar to you, or something completely new.


Clinical Experience

1. MEDICALUnderstanding health in a global context is increasingly important as the world becomes more and more interconnected.

Often, health problems that are — on the surface — local problems, are in fact having a global impact.

Because of this, getting on-the-ground experience in a low-resource hospital setting will totally change the way you approach your own practice.

You can choose the destination you want to travel to and the departments you want to get experience in and even the duration you want to go for. This allows you to experience areas completely new to you. 

Travelling Solo?

Our professional placements abroad are perfect if you’re planning on travelling solo. In fact, the vast majority of professionals who travel with us come alone. The reason this works so well is that we foster an open and friendly atmosphere in the Work the World houses.

Experience tells us that you’ll quickly get to know your housemates. The simple fact that you are all in the same boat makes forming friendships easy.

Before you know it, you’ll be travelling around the country together at weekends.

Work the World Houses

HOUSEDuring your placement, you’ll live in a private, spacious house. You'll live with students and other graduates and practicing professionals from different healthcare settings all over the world. 

Our houses have Work the World teams running them including managers, a catering team, 24/7 security and a housekeeper.

The houses are designed to feel like your home away from home. They are social hubs, in great locations and are the perfect place to come back to after a day in hospital.

Safety, Security and Structure

We understand better than anyone that structure and safety are essential when undertaking a hospital placement in a low-income country.

From structuring your hospital placement, to having 24-hour security at our houses, we go to great lengths to address those concerns. You can read in detail about how we approach all of the above using the link below.

Safety and Security

How much will my placement cost?

An enormous amount of planning, support and customisation goes into each and every placement.

We focus on delivering exceptional quality throughout your experience — from the moment you get in touch with us until the moment you finish your internship. As such, there is a cost attached.

To learn more about our pricing structure, use the link below.


What do I do next? 

Whether you're only in the early stages of considering going overseas on nursing placement or you have a few (or many) questions - get in touch using the enquiry form below.  One of our Placement Consultants will then arrange a quick call with you to find out your aims and objectives at a time that is convenient.