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Many publish stories written by students who've travelled with Work the World. Some stories are from students who are still studying and some are from their alumni, talking about how an overseas elective influenced where they are with their career now - you can read some of them below.

PRESS"Spending time at the Ayurvedic Clinic was the highlight for me – I learnt how to use the land for medicine and was able to help heal patients with traditional therapies." Savannah Reali, pharmacy student, The University of Sydney

PRESS"All of the doctors I saw were amazing. On a number of occasions, I was blown away by their resourcefulness, as well as the fortitude of the patients." Andy McKinlay, medical student, The University of Queensland

PRESS"I was struck by the ingenuity of the doctors and their ability to work with such limited resources." Georgina Dixson, medical student, University of New South Wales (via MIPS)

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