A medical elective at our partner hospital in Kathmandu offers you opportunities in a vast range of different specialist areas. These include neurology, cardiology, nephrology, and more. It’ll be up to you which specific area you’ll want to focus on, but each one will provide you with invaluable experience and insight into Nepal’s healthcare system. Exploring Kathmandu's detailed temples, hiking through lush forests and wildlife, and paragliding through the mountains are all musts once your placement hours are over. Read what our students think below!

Surgical Department in Kathmandu


Emma Cole

Monash University 2015

Medical, Nepal Kathmandu

The lack of understanding but pure appreciation from the patients, even though we did very little for them, still astounds me. I even got to be the doctor for the week under supervision!

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Katy Li

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 2015

Medical, Nepal Kathmandu

We have been to rafting, Chitwan safari and around Kathmandu from different temple visits and city tour were very packed and fruitful weeks as a traveller.

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