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Logghe, LeslieMaastricht University

I don’t think words can describe my Work the World experience, but I’ll try.

The month I spent in Kathmandu, Nepal was one of the best of months of my life.

It also was a month in which I gained a lot of clinical insight, especially in the departments I chose to attend — neurology and neurosurgery.

I saw conditions I’d never seen before, and probably won’t see again.

Seeing how the healthcare system in a developing country was managed was fascinating.

For example, patients had to buy tickets at the counter to see a doctor, in the same way as we would in Europe for admission to an attraction.

Logghe, Leslie

And I had to wear my flip-flops in theatre as if that were the most normal thing in the world! I got used to these quirks after a few days. Staff were kind and hospitable, which made everything that much easier.

I felt very welcome in both medical teams.

Logghe, Leslie


Outside my hospital placement, I had plenty of free time to discover Nepal itself. It was a breathtaking country, and I want to go back and discover more of what it has tucked away.

Logghe, Leslie

I saw a lot in a month as the in-country management team gave us great advice on what to see and where (or where not) to visit.

Speaking of the Work the World team, they were fantastic. They were available for us 24/7 and caught up with us each day for a quick chat to see how we were doing.

Logghe, Leslie

They made the Work the World house really feel like home.

The catering team did an amazing job too, cooking some of Nepal’s best dishes for us. The (incredibly patient) language teacher taught us some useful Nepali.

Logghe, Leslie

And last, but not least, the staff in the UK did a brilliant job setting up my placement. They arranged everything and were always there for me when I needed them. They ensured I enjoyed this wonderful experience without a worry!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I recommend it to all of you!

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