Avila University 2015

Nursing, Peru Arequipa

The experience of living in a house with other healthcare students, from other countries It is very interesting. At first it was a bit difficult, different accents, cultures and personalities. As time passed I realised we are all more similar than different from one another. Living with others, experiencing similar experiences, careers, and interests. It was nice to learn about health care in other countries including Perú. Albor, Diana

Through my stay here I’ve realized that healthcare in Perú differ from my home country (USA). This is because of the lack of resources. That is why they must be as resourceful as possible to get things done. In my country we use more technology to get things done, making it easier, quicker and more effective. I must wish in Perú they would use more.

This was my first time in emergency so it was very compelling to me. I can recall the case of an elderly man who had internal brain haemorrhage and was on a ventilator, it was sad to see him on a ventilator and many meds to keep him alive. The nurse had to communicate with patient’s family abut his condition and about making the decision of keeping him on life support or not.

I learned more about medication administration, IV tubing and IV placement. I came with the hopes of improving my Spanish and that was fulfilled.

Also I learned to become more resourceful when there is a lack of resources, and my communication has improved.

Albor, DianaMy favourite travel activity by far has been Huacachina because of the sandboarding, scenery and boogie rides. Other activities were fun such as rafting, Colca Canyon, and walking around the plaza. I have yet to go to Machu Picchu but I’m sure that will be an amazing experience.





I would recommend Work the World to other students because the experience opens up your eyes. I am retuning to appreciation of healthcare of one’s own country, difference in healthcare around the world understanding of other cultures, trying new food and growing as an individual.

Albor, Diana

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