• Anuradhapura is… ‘A magical city of UNESCO-listed ruins, Buddhist culture and beauty.’
  • Visit candlelit temples and be blessed by local monks
  • Sip tea, learn how to pick your own leaves, spot wild elephants, and take scenic train journeys
  • Kick back on sunny Sri Lankan beaches and snorkel with sea turtles and reef sharks
  • Sri Lankan’s are exceptionally friendly, with a good sense of humour – look forward to taking part in festivities, and enjoying some of the country’s best cuisine
  • Ayurveda Week: Enhance your experience with a week in a remote Sri Lankan village, learning about traditional herbal medicine in an Ayurvedic clinic.


Set in a charming neighbourhood on a tree-lined street, you'll love staying at our Anuradhapura house. When you're not on placement, you could be relaxing in our indoor courtyard, swinging in a hammock on the outdoor rooftop, or having fun at one of our weekly BBQ nights. You can also look forward to comfortable bedrooms, spacious social areas, and a vibrant atmosphere where you can hang out and chat to new friends. 

Available for 24/7 support, our Program Manager and assistant oversee everything at the house. Our housekeeper and chef are also there to take care of the cleaning and to cook two tasty meals a day. Twice a week, we arrange for a teacher to give local language lessons.

Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka


Our week-long Ayurveda experience adds a fantastic extra dimension to your clinical placement in Anuradhapura.Ayurveda and other traditional forms of healthcare are practised in Sri Lanka alongside modern medicine.

Our Ayurveda experience gives you the opportunity to gain firsthand experience of this ancient holistic practice. Each morning, you’ll visit a rural clinic to learn how the doctor uses forest plants and barks to create Ayurveda treatments and medicines. In the afternoon, you'll experience exciting activities and cultural trips. From Ayurveda massages to canoe trips, ox rides and wild elephant safaris, it’ll be a week you never forget.


Placements in Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura

"Don’t hesitate—just do it!"

Elizabeth Rix, University of Nottingham 2018

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"I would strongly advise you do a placement with Work the World. It was an experience I will never forget!"

Phyllida Monroe, King's College London 2018

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"Everything I experienced was so memorable. One particular highlight was witnessing my first natural birth, then helping with the care of the mother and baby."

Sarah Turner, Cardiff University 2018

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"While we were on placement we saw a groundbreaking leg transplant. A young farmer needed a new leg after being involved in an RTA..."

Keira Gee and Maddi Rosindale, University of Lincoln 2018

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"Both the team and the other students I met in Sri Lanka became like a second family to me..."

Rebecca McGrath, Australian Catholic University 2018

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