Physiotherapy, Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

As part of my Physiotherapy degree I went to Sri Lanka through Work the World. After months of waiting, I was finally ready to go. A beautiful country full of Buddhist temples, wildlife, bustling markets, and natural wonders awaited me.

I arrived in Sri Lanka at 5am, and was met by a member of the staff team at the airport. After a drive across the country, we arrived at the beautiful Work the World house in Anuradhapura.

The clinical aspects of the placement were amazing, too. Working in a different culture allowed me to compare assessment and treatment skills, learning lots while I did so. Experiencing different wards allowed me to get to grips with a totally different side of Physiotherapy. I left with a deeper appreciation of the facilities we have at home. It was mentally and physically challenging at times, but it’s an experience I will never forget.

I was also able to make some great friends along the way. All the people I stayed with during my 4-week placement were so lovely and friendly. Sharing our placement experiences with each other after a long day was helpful, and one of my favourite parts of my time in Sri Lanka.

The traditional Sri Lankan food that was cooked for us at the Work the World house was incredible! I am a big lover of spices and curries, and the chef was so talented.

We also had language lessons twice a week, where we learned the basics including greetings, how to say our age, where we live, and words and phrases that would help us during our time in the hospital.

In my time off, I enjoyed going to the Sacred City and its various temples, all the while learning about Buddhism and Sri Lankan culture. I would highly recommend going on a placement abroad with Work the World. Everything was very well organised and I had an incredible experience.

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