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Nursing, Sri Lanka Kandy

I had always wanted to travel, so I decided that’s what I’d do for my four week clinical placement. After coming across Work the World online, looking at reviews and the descriptions for each of their destinations, I decided to go to Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Nardani, Umisha

Right from the beginning, the Work the World team provided me with great information and answered all of my questions. They really made me feel at ease.

Actually, they gave me support throughout the entire process, and MyTrip—their online placement planner—made everything so easy. The planner let me input things like my clinical interests, allowing Work the World to place me in the best areas in the hospital in Kandy.

Nardani, Umisha

The planner also gave me specific information about the house I was staying in and the housemates I was going to live with during my stay.

My friends and I arrived in Colombo, and a member of the Work the World team was there waiting to meet us.

Stepping out of the airport, we were hit by both the heat and the reality of what the next four weeks might entail. We got into a minibus together and headed straight to Kandy.

Nardani, Umisha

We arrived at the Work the World house in the afternoon. The team took us on a tour of the grounds where we met our other housemates. The other students in the house were from all over the world! Little did I know that these people would become friends for life and help me create so many amazing memories that I will treasure forever.

On our first day in Kandy the Work the World team took us on an orientation of the town. They helped us exchange some money, and then showed us how to get to our placement hospital.

Nardani, Umisha

It was incredible to see how different theatres in Sri Lanka were compared to the UK.

The next day, they took us to the hospital and introduced us to the chief nurse. We then went to see the wards.

The time I spent in the hospital in Kandy provided me with amazing insight into the different ways in which care can be provided. The experience also allowed me to see some really special moments between mothers and babies. I  spent some time in theatre too, observing C-sections. It was incredible to see how different theatres in Sri Lanka were when compared to the UK.

Nardani, UmishaI had the most amazing experiences travelling in Sri Lanka. The Work the World house team helped us figure out where best to go on weekend trips, and we visited some of the most beautiful places. We filled our afternoons and evenings with trips to our favourite shopping centres and of course Kandy market, where we were able to buy all-important items like elephant pants.

I had the best experience I could have asked for. Work the World made it so much better than it would have been otherwise. Knowing that there was always someone from the team in the house that I could go to if I had any problems was really reassuring.

I have come back home with memories that will stay with me forever, and the experience has definitely shaped my future career as a nurse.

If you’re thinking of going to Sri Lanka for a placement, stop thinking and register now!

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