University of Canberra 2019

Midwifery, The Philippines Iloilo

I chose The Philippines because of it’s hot and tropical climate. The Philippines screamed beach, swimmers and holiday and that's what attracted me to this destination to break up my studies. 

Everyone seemed to support each other and celebrate together. 

Scott, AlyceMy first impression of maternity at the hospital was comradery. Everyone seemed to support each other and celebrate together. 

I noticed how hot and overpopulated the hospital was in comparison to home. 

On my first shift, I was in OB ER. It was a relatively quiet day in terms of women coming through. The staff laughed all morning. They were very inclusive! 

I learnt on this placement that language isn't everything. I did try hard to learn the language, but in terms of supporting women, knowing the language wasn’t necessary in order to still show support.

I became resourceful by just being there for the women in labour if they were in pain or scared. 

The hospital staff were friendly. I could tell they enjoyed our company and they often shared their food with us.

Scott, AlyceOn the weekends I went to Boracay with my fellow midwifery students. It was amazing! Absolute paradise! 

The next weekend we went to El Nido. This was a long van ride and it was very touristy. But we met some amazing people there in El Nido!

I would encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and experience new adventurers constantly. It is important for growth as a professional, but also as a human too.

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