University of Technology Sydney 2019

Midwifery, The Philippines Iloilo

Thompson, EllaThe Work the World staff in the UK were amazing. I was anxious before leaving, and they answered all my questions and worries that I had at any time. Considering the fact that I literally live on the other side of the world to them, this was amazing!

When I landed, a member of the Work the World team was waiting for me at the airport. For someone who had never travelled overseas by themselves before, and was terrified of the challenge ahead, it was the greatest start to the experience.

On the journey from the airport to the Work the World house, the team talked me through some of the things I could expect during my trip. I learned that Thursdays were karaoke and BBQ night, which immediately made me feel anxious as I can’t sing to save my life! As it turned out, these nights were one of the trip’s highlights!

The Work the World house was impressive. There were plenty of communal spaces, and each room had a private bathroom. There were three bunks in my room, and I shared with a girl who became a close friend during the trip. Our meals were made for us by the lovely staff and we had a selection of foods for breakfast and a mix of both traditional Filipino and Western food for dinner. It was the best!

Thompson, Ella

We spent our weekends travelling. The first weekend, we went to a place called Antique. It was beautiful! We rode motorbikes up the beautiful green mountains, had lunch in the river rapids (yes, in the rapids), went tubing down the river and relaxed in fire-heated hot tubs made from enormous metal bows that in decades past were used to make muscovado sugar. The next day, we went to a small Island where a choir of young children sang to us.

Thompson, Ella

The following weekend, we took a minivan up to Boracay Island (a white-sand paradise) where I said my farewells to my housemates. A great night was had by all and many tears were shed. I am still in contact with some of my housemates, and plan to travel to meet them again soon. On that point, my housemates helped to make my experience one I will be forever grateful for.

Thompson, Ella

I wish I could have stayed for longer. Don't hold back—take the opportunity while you can. I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.

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