Practicing occupational therapy overseas will totally change the way you approach healthcare. Complementing and contributing to your studies, one of our placements will help you to understand occupational in a global context. You'll develop both personally and professionally, helping your résumé to stand out from the crowd. You'll experience new cultures, make lifelong friends, start a network of international contacts, learn new languages and see the world.


Our overseas placements are for occupational therapy students and anyone who has recently qualified. Our placements start every Sunday and run for a full 365 days a year. This means you can travel whenever suits you, for as long as you like. There’s no application process; if you’re on or have completed an occupational therapy degree, you can travel with us.

OT electives

How it Works

Choosing a destination is the first step. We help by offering expert advice based on our years of organising placements abroad. Next, we’ll discuss exactly what you want to experience and achieve, then craft a placement to suit. For example, you could spend time in burns rehabilitation, help disabled children, or build home care plans for adults.

An enormous amount of organisation goes on behind the scenes. Each stage is logged and stored in our online placement planner — MyTrip. This platform contains personalised information on every aspect of your placement and an interactive timeline leading right up to your departure date.


Our in-country teams provide 24-hour support. They’ll meet you at the airport on arrival, and take you back to the Work the World house. Once you’ve settled-in, you’ll meet the rest of the team, your housemates, and then receive your welcome briefing. The next day, we’ll take you on an orientation of the local area and an introduction trip to your hospital. We provide private catered accommodation in each of our programs.


All our houses are safe and secure, with plenty of space to relax. Our chefs cook your meals, and you’ll have a housekeeper to keep your living space fresh. To help you engage with local people as much as possible, we arrange twice-weekly language lessons with a teacher. Living with other students and professionals from a range of disciplines gives the houses a vibrant and sociable atmosphere. Making friends is easy, and you’ll soon be travelling the country together on weekends.


Before your placement officially starts, we’ll show you the best way to travel to the hospital, introducing you to your your supervisors once you arrive.


Thanks to our close hospital partnerships, you’ll see how the provision of occupational therapy differs in the developing world when compared with home.


Our teams will monitor your placement experience in real-time to make sure it meets your expectations.


OT placements run from Monday to Friday, so you’ll have evenings and weekends free to travel the destination you’ve chosen.


Tanzania - Dar es Salaam
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Despite Dar es Salaam’s swift expansion, the city’s surrounds hold some of the most impressive natural beauty in the world. African plains home to endangered wildlife lie under the watchful gaze of mountains, and Zanzibar — a paradise island — is a short boat ride away.


A proactive approach to your OT Placement will open doors to witnessing cases of arthritis, neuropathies, and contractures. The OT team also works with the ICU as well as doing home visits, giving you an immersive experience of OT in the developing world. Read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Dar es Salaam.


Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura
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With more than 50 stupas, temples, and time-worn palaces, in Anuradhapura you’ll immerse yourself in ancient culture spanning thousands of years. Explore nature’s beauty in the national parks, during safari, on paradise beaches, and up in hot air balloon rides over the jungles of Dambulla.


From a clinical perspective, Sri Lanka is home to amputees left by the country’s civil war. OT students will encounter these cases on their placement, using homemade equipment to help rehabilitate a mixture of inpatients and outpatients. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Anuradhapura, click here.


"I helped form treatment plans, made splints, and carried out assessments within my professional limitations."

Gemma Fryer, Coventry University 2018

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"If you’re thinking of heading to Nepal for your placement, get ready to have the experience of a lifetime."

Laura Langdon, La Trobe University 2018

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"Work the World made planning and preparing my placement totally achievable."

Jane Cooper, Trinity College Dublin 2016

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