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We get a lot of feedback from students. One of the things we hear most frequently is that undertaking a placement with Work the World allowed them to learn from people who come from all over the world and from a range of disciplines.

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Living in the Work the World house is a great opportunity for interprofessional learning. Through socialising with your housemates you’ll find out about how different disciplines deliver care in different clinical settings around the world.

Whether you’re a nurse from the UK wondering what life is like as an Australian midwife, or studying medicine in the Netherlands and interested in the structure of medical education in the USA, there’s something to be learned from your international, interprofession peers.


What Can You Expect From Our Accommodation?

It’s one thing reading what we have to say about the benefits. It’s another to hear it from the people living the experience. We recently caught up with a group of healthcare students based in our programme in Nepal so you can hear it straight from the source:

“It was surprising to learn from my fellow housemate that medics from her medical school in the US don’t have any time for reflection when something goes wrong or they have a bad experience while practicing. They’re just expected to carry on. Especially as reflection is given such importance in the UK.” - Sarah Turner - Nurse, University of Surrey, UK


"I became inspired by two Aussie midwives and their love for the women and children they interact with. Their passion will make me a better physician.” - Erich Weidenbener, Medic, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

“I love the idea that we can come from all over the world and have different disciplines but still have a common goal; caring for others. I loved meeting these people who were like-minded and enjoyed experiencing the world and sharing their clinical experiences.” - Jessica Haven, Occupational Therapist, University of East Anglia, UK

“It has so been nice getting to know the cultural differences between the countries everyone is from, and of course the differences in Nepal itself and what place healthcare has in these cultures.” - Sybren Vanwynsberghe, Medicine, Universiteit Gent, Belgium


"It was interesting to note that healthcare is often much more subsidised in countries other than the USA”. - Matthew Smith, Dentist, Meharry Medical College, USA

“It was surprising to learn just how much more expensive the cost of healthcare for individuals is in countries like the US when compared to the UK. We’re very lucky to have a National Healthcare System.” - Meabh McGran, Dentist, Queen's University, Belfast UK

“I learned a lot about dentistry - teeth are much more complicated than I thought! I learned about about root canal treatments, crowns, and the impact certain medicines can have on dental procedures and patient recovery.” - Phillipa Blake, Pharmacy, University of Sydney, Australia


“It was so interesting to find out just how much healthcare systems vary across the world, and even how each individual hospital and role differ.” - Jennie Ford, Physiotherapist, University of Birmingham, UK

“I found out that Australia has a split healthcare system. There are both private and public coverages, but every permanent resident and citizen has access to free public healthcare.” - Michael Frondorf, Medic, Indiana University, USA


You can feel completely confident knowing that you now get even more flexibility when booking your Work the World placement. We've also introduced additional procedures in our accommodation to give you total peace of mind while you're overseas.

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