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There is a lot of talk about what isn't allowed on flights, and you should always check with your particular airline about their rules, but it may surprise you to find that there are quite a few things on the official government list of dangerous items that would pass security checks with flying colours: 

  1. Nail Clippers - Nail clippers with a metal file are a no no, but the simple version clippers are fine.
  2. Lighters - You may carry a single lighter on your person, but you must keep it with you for the duration of your flight.
  3. Scissors - Small scissors (with blades no longer than 6cm) are fine. Anything bigger will be taken away unless they are blunt edged.
  4. Knitting / sewing needles - all fine.... until the day Granny goes rogue!

  5. Lithium ion batteries -you have to chuck regular spares but you can keep the lithium ion ones in your phone or laptop.
  6. Safety matches - they will take away the "strike anywhere" sort, but as long as they are safety then they are safe.
  7. Disposable razor - these are fine.
  8. Unlimited tablets and capsules - there is currently no limit on what you can take.
  9. Liquid medicines over 100ml - as long as you have permission from the airline.
  10. Hypodermic syringes - no problemo!

The rules on their website are listed below:

Laptops/electrical items

You're allowed to take electrical items (like laptops and hairdryers) in your hand baggage, but they have to be removed and screened separately.

Essential medical equipment

You are allowed to bring medical equipment if it is essential for your journey. The equipment will be screened separately and must be accompanied by supporting documentation from a qualified medical professional, such as a letter from your doctor.

Other items

Pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs are usually permitted in the cabin, but they will need to be security screened first.


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