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Considering undertaking your clinical placement next summer? Get in as quickly as possible.

Next Summer is already shaping up to be our busiest ever and spaces are filling up fast.

You can secure your space on a once-in-a-lifetime placement by speaking with one of our experts today.

Lock in your travel dates today and enjoy total peace of mind knowing your place is guaranteed.

But you get much more than just peace of mind if register early.

Get the first pick of dates, departments and destinations

The earlier you book, the better your chances of securing the destination, departments and dates you have in mind.

You will get the same high-quality, tailored clinical experience and in-country support regardless of the destination you choose. But the earlier you start planning, the broader your range of options will be.

— Meet other healthcare students from all over the world —

Please be aware that we actively limit the number of students and graduates in each destination. Once a program is full, it’s full. These restrictions help make sure you get the kind of high-quality overseas placement we’re known for. This is especially important to remember if you're planning on travelling as a group — the more of you there are (and the later you leave it), the lower your chances of getting your first choice destination.

Don’t panic if your existing plans have fallen through. There’s a strong chance you’ll still be able to secure a placement with us. Discover how you can get onto a high-quality last-minute overseas placement thanks to our sprawling network of partner hospitals.

Give yourself time to build up funds

Start planning now to relieve the time pressure and give yourself longer to save what you need for your placement.

You might even try to do some fundraising to help towards the cost of your trip. Secure your space early to take a huge weight off your shoulders. You'll thank yourself for the extra breathing space to come up with creative fundraising ideas that could even pay for your entire placement.

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— Get clinical experience that would be impossible anywhere else —

You don’t even need to pay for your trip all at once — you can use our flexible payment option to spread the cost of your trip by paying it in instalments.

“If you’re thinking about fundraising, start as early as you can and keep going. Just keep plugging away, and make sure you enjoy it while you’re doing it – I ended up raising around $4200!” – Lisa Clarke, Nursing Student

Save yourself last-minute admin stress

Secure your place in advance and avoid last-minute panic.

Instead of rushing around, trying to complete visa applications and university forms in the weeks leading up to your trip, you could be getting excited and researching all the amazing things to see and do while you’re away.

When you get to this stage, the trip starts to feel more real. But leaving it too late will add stress you don’t need, especially as you’ll want to be focused on looking forward to what’s to come.

— Make new friends in exclusive, private, catered accommodation —

You’ll get a lot of help from our team, but having everything in order well before you travel offers greater peace of mind.

“My fourth year of medicine was a busy and difficult year of the course, so I chose to go with Work the World to take a lot of the planning for my placement off of my hands. This meant I could focus on studying throughout the year and just look forward to my big six-week trip in the summer!” – Alice Hanton, Medical Student

Prepare for the trip of a lifetime

As soon as you secure your dates and destination you’ll feel free to start thinking about the trip itself.

Dreaming up what you’re going to be doing in a far-flung country is the fun part. So give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it rather than feeling rushed.

You’ll start researching ‘must-do’ travel opportunities, learning about local culture, and getting to grips with the local language — you’ll get a placement-focused language guide once you’ve secured your space.

medical elective 2022

— Travel to beautiful exotic locations —

You have near-endless adventure travel options in our destinations. Some trips you can fit into a weekend, and others you can tack onto the beginning or end of your stay in the Work the World house.

All our programs are located in areas that are perfect jumping-off points for broader travel in whichever country you choose.

Our experienced in-country teams will give you insider tips and travel advice. But exploring opportunities before you leave will help build up anticipation and excitement in the months leading up to your trip.

Secure your space now

You can confirm your space on a once-in-a-lifetime overseas placement now by contacting our team of experts.

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Before you register, explore our destinations to get an idea of where you want to travel —

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