by Work the World

We've been following the work of Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Ezekial Maige, and it seems he is in the firing line again. A recent comment made about UNESCO showed that he believed them to be an "insignificant entity from which we cannot take orders".

The comment was made following enquiries about the Serengeti highway and the Uranium mine in Selous Game Reserve. Although it was widely reported that the latter had been approved by UNESCO, it seems in recent reports that the dangers of uranium mining and the remaining deposits of mining aggregates left on site are a concern. UNESCO issued a statement at the end of June following the latest committee session, saying that Tanzania’s World Heritage sites may yet be declared as "in danger" should any developments go ahead without observing all required regulations first.

Unfortunately the Minister does not seem to be too concerned about UNESCO and the value its stamp has on tourism numbers. For him it seems industry is key.

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