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Our Programme Representative in Ghana tells us how student donations, however big or small, really do benefit the communities and hospitals we work in.

The hospitals and other community health centres all benefit from donations by Work the World students and volunteers as well as the regular donations made by Work the World. 

These donations range from hand gloves, BP apparatus, alcohol gel, foetal monitor, forceps, gauze, wheelchairs, drugs, scrubs and pulse oximeters and have been very useful and helped in the provision of quality healthcare at these facilities.

The rural community health centres, where our students currently undertake the Village Experience programme in Ghana, have over the years benefited from these contributions and find them very useful as it enhances the quality of healthcare delivery.

Student contributions are not limited only to the hospitals we work with but also the orphanages where our housemates both past and present visit.

Get in touch if you are considering bringing donations for both the healthcare facilities as well as orphanages we work with here in Takoradi and we are able to advise on what to bring!  

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This blog was written by our Programme Representative in Ghana

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