by Work the World

There is plenty to see and do in Kandy - Kavinda, our Programme Manager in Sri Lanka filled us in on what his students had been up to at the weekend.

The Beginning of Month July had an unpredictable mixed weather situation. Both sunny and rainy. But the students didn’t hesitate to go out and explore. Mostly it’s on weekends they go out on different places.

Under the recommendation of my self and  I might have put the idea of white water rafting since I have personally had done white water rafting 4 times! The students were psyched about white water rafting  and decided on try it since none of them have ever done it.  All together there were ten students.

We reached “Kithulgala” at midday (two hours away from Kandy, famous for white water rafting in Sri Lanka). Every one was all strapped up with life jackets and helmets. The whole journey took 2 hours. Two hours of Adrenaline rush!

The water was so strong and it was more fun even though it was a bit Scary. The whole journey concludes Eight Rapids. One of the boats got toppled over which made the whole experience worth while. Even though it sounds scary. But in the End everyone enjoyed rafting. It was Good fun. And for most of the students it was one of the Highlights in their placement in Kandy.

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