by Work the World

With the help of my mom, sisters, and even nephews, I was able to pull off a successful bake sale to raise money for Ghana!

After hours of baking, we were able to bring lots of sweet treats to the table. I set up a bake sale table on my unit for Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Social Workers, and family members to stop by for a snack.  

Word got around that there was a bake sale on 8 ICU and people from other units started coming too!

With the leftover baked goods, I took a cart around the hospital and left some for night shift to donate.  I also made a poster about Work the World and set out brochures so people could get an idea of what I was fundraising for.

I have received a lot of interest from nurses who would like to help pay for shipping the medical supplies, so I picked up flat-rate boxes from the post office for them to donate money to get the supplies to Ghana!

Overall, the bake sale was a success!  I was able to raise $170.00 for Ghana and hopefully I'll raise even more at my Benefit on 14th May at Woodlands Tavern in will feature a reggae musician who has a strong history and connection with Ghana.  Check out the event on my facebook page! 

This post was written by Megan Mancinotti, a nursing student at Ohio State University


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