by Joe Jamieson

Hue Vietnam, Destination Features

Our programme in Hue, Vietnam is off to a flying start having opened only a few months ago.

We've been innundated with photos from our students that capture the character of Vietnam and its people, as well as their experience on placement.

Enjoy the best of the bunch below.


— Some of the first students to arrive in Hue after the programme opened —


Students in Destination

— Some students being introduced to staff in the department they were due to work in —

If you choose to undertake your placement in Vietnam, you’ll be awed by the adaptability, perseverance, and hard-work of hospital staff, patients, and their families.

Students in Destination

— Transport in Vietnam probably isn't quite what you're used to —

Students in Destination

— The local Buddhist monk after blessing the Work the World house when it first opened —

Make friends with local people—they’re one of the reasons I want to go back to Vietnam for more!

Students in Destination

— Students out and about exploring Hue during their city orientation —

Students in Destination

— A Vietnamese nurse shows some new students around their placement hospital —

Traditional medicine was more popular there to the point that more people opted for traditional medicine than those who went to see their equivalent of a GP.

Students in Destination

— You can learn to cook some of the catering team's recipes in the Work the World house —

They taught us how to make spring rolls and a special leaf-wrapped meat dish.

Students in Destination

— Sophie Strongman & Co. in front of a breathtaking mountainscape —


Students in Destination

— The team talk through the cuisine at the first ever BBQ night in the Work the World house —

I still dream about the steamed lotus leaf rice and want to return to Hue to eat it again!

Students in Destination

— Waiting for the boat to set off on a journey down the Perfume River —


Students in Destination

— The perfect end to the trip —

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