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Hello everyone! This is the greatest maasai warrior Lewis Abraham Ole Meing'ang'ie here! This is my blog from the Maasai land...

I have a funny story from an experience I had with some students last September that I want to tell you. I took them to the Maasai village, Engaruka. They had an amazing time and did everything we had planned for them to do, which was very different to their normal life back home. They told me they were very happy because the Maasai people received them in such a friendly way, which helped them feel at home.

The big story started on Thursday when the students asked me if there was any mobile signal because they wanted to contact their friends and their family to tell them about their time at Engaruka. The answer of course was "no mobile signal around here"! The students were sad they could not call so I told them "if you really want signal, there are some people that walk some distance to talk with their mobile". They asked me to take them, so we left the village. We walked and reached the place but still no signal, so I told them the rest "we have to climb the tree. It is the only way to get mobile signal". Every one was like wow, making calls from a tree sounded like an adventure to them and it would beĀ  good to talk to their family and friends "from the tree"!

I showed the students how to climb the tree and they started chatting with friends and their family, laughing about the tree. It was good fun and completely different to them so I decided it was like magic time . We named that tree "accasia time"!

I'll be back soon with more stories!

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