by Work the World

Sorry I have been away for so long - I was at maasai land for 3 weeks so I didn’t have time to write, but now.... yes I can!

This is a blog about food at our village as Ruth tells me lots of people ask the question what to expect.

Generally the students eat different types of food which are mostly African food and Maasai food like ugali, beans, rice, makande, potatoes, chips, chapatti, and other many different things. The difference is that the food has a smoky BBQ taste that is very moreish and during the week the students stay at Engaruka, they have to help out with the daily chores of the house mother and they learn where this taste comes from.

One of the mothers duties is to collect fire wood for the stove (well it’s actually a fire with a metal grill across that holds a pan!). To collect the firewood, the students were taken on a truck up a mountain to a forest where they picked up Acacia branches from the ground from trees that were dried. Balancing the sticks on their heads was really strange for them and one of the students thought she would drop them or injure her self. They surprised them self as they managed rather well! They took the sticks back to our home mother who was very pleased with their help. When she cooked the food that night they worked out why it was so tasty - the acacia branches are what give our food the smoky BBQ taste!

I'll be back soon with more tales from Maasai lands!

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