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This summer more than 100 allied health students from across Australia and New Zealand will be jet setting overseas on a tailored Work the World placement. New clinical experiences, great friends, and life-changing adventures await those embarking on this once in a lifetime experience. How does your summer compare?​

Why book a Summer Placement? Seize your summer by gaining invaluable experience interacting with communicable diseases, advanced pathologies and presentations rarely managed in the Western World. You'll develop and share skills you already have, as well as picking up expertise only found through an overseas placement. For those looking to develop both professionally and personally, you'll work alongside experienced health professionals to gain a deep understanding of how healthcare is delivered in resource-poor settings.

Limited Places – Don’t miss out! We are excited to announce our Summer Placements 2016/2017. Secure some of our last remaining places!

Where and when?  With places now available over 2016/17 summer, you could be learning Spanish in Peru before stepping into one of South America’s largest oncology departments, or exploring the ruins of old coastal slave forts after a busy morning working in an HIV clinic in Ghana.


20th November - 10th December 2016 

4th December - 18th December 2016

8th January – 29th January 2017

15th January - 5th February 2017 


Student Review - Don’t just take our word for it. Kate Henderson took her Summer Placement with us last year. Read Kate’s case study here.  

Without a doubt I would recommend my experience with work the world to others. this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Don’t miss out! Our safe, structured and sustainable placements come highly recommended and run for 365 days a year. So if these Summer Placement dates don’t work for you, get in touch with the team directly and we'll discuss tailoring something that's specific to your needs.​ For more information on Summer Placements in relation to your specfic healthcare discipline, contact the team directly on +61 3 7000 6007 or at

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