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On a sunny Friday afternoon in Iloilo, some of our students chose to visit a Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU) instead of relaxing by the pool after a long week on placement!

CIU is a local government unit that takes care of abandoned and abused children. They also take responsibility for abused women. The centre is currently looking after twenty children ranging from one to fifteen years old, one mother and one expectant mother.

You could feel the excitement as we arrived and could hear the children shouting, “they are here!”, “hi!”, “good afternoon!” and a lot of commotion! When the guard opened the door, we were greeted by the staff and a few of the kids and guided us to the office of Ms. Beth who manages the CIU.

The students started the afternoon with pass the ball as an introduction activity, then they gave away gifts for the children such as toys, drawing book, crayons, coloured pens and art materials. They also gave the mum's gifts too. The children were divided into six groups, the students joined in the groups and played any activity the kids chose. They played ball, jumping rope, hula hoop, bubble making, drawing, and lots more games. After an hour of playing, the students served snacks including spaghetti, hotdogs on sticks with marshmallows, juice and cupcakes. The children were so happy and ended the day with a presentation to say thank you to the students for the visit.

The students all had a great afternoon at the CIU and went home with smile in their hearts!

This blog was written by Mishie, our Programme Manager in the Philippines. 

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