• Merida is… “the centre of Mexican culture, boasting striking colonial architecture and a vibrant Latin-American atmosphere.”

  • Visit Cancun and Progreso for beaches, clear seas and lively nightlife
  • See astonishing 1400-year-old Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza
  • Dive into and explore the water-filled caves or ‘cenotes’ Mexico is famed for
  • The people of Merida are welcoming and proud of the beautiful cultural centre they call home


Our house in Mexico is located in a fashionable suburb in the city of Merida. The building is typical of the area's architecture with a spacious and welcoming feel inside. The lounge, dining room, and bedrooms offer distinct areas in which you can relax after placement and get to know your new housemates.

In charge of the house are your Program Manager and assistant. Both are available 24 hours a day to provide support should you need it. Chef will cook two meals for you each-day (weekly BBQ nights included), and you’ll have access to the kitchen 24/7 if you fancy a snack. You also have a housekeeper and a local language teacher providing two lessons each week.


Our specially-designed Intensive Spanish Course, lasting one week, will help you get the most from a clinical placement in Mexico. If your Spanish isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, our course, crafted with healthcare students in mind, will get you up to speed.The lessons involve both one-to-one, and small group sessions in which you’ll learn terminology and phrases specific to the departments you'll be working in.

Placements in this destination

"Things like drug shortages were a constant battle..."

Ian Bugg, University of Plymouth 2018

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"Many patients who needed the hospital made less than 100 Pesos per day. A basic eye ultrasound cost 800 Pesos."

Akash Dharni, University of Leeds 2018

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"There was no pain relief for women in labour—no epidurals, no gas and air, nothing."

Emma Knights, University of East Anglia 2018

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"I’m so much more comfortable being myself now, and I feel stronger and more confident as a person."

Refa Begum, Cardiff University 2018

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"I saw a lot of manual treatment due to a lack of equipment."

Amy Richards, Cardiff University 2018

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