• Iloilo is… “A city with eclectic culture and a Filipino soul, home to Spanish architecture, modern malls, and beautiful beaches.”
  • Always smiling, the local Ilonggo people are open-hearted and incredibly good-natured
  • A short boat trip away, Guimaras Island beckons with huge mango plantations, and fire-heated ‘kawa baths’ in its beautiful mountains
  • Boracay and the Gigantes are the places to go for pristine beaches, watersports, and island hopping adventures
  • Village Week: A week on an island with the Ati tribe is an incredible opportunity – you’ll be immersed in island culture as you learn about local healthcare.


Located north of the Iloilo River in an upscale neighbourhood, our house has views of iconic Molo Church, and beyond to Guimaras island. The living and dining spaces are well-furnished, and there’s plenty of space to relax and socialise. No matter what time of year, the sunsets from our rooftop terrace are stunning.

From the day you arrive, our Iloilo Program Manager is available for 24/7 support. Along with their assistant, they run the house and oversee the rest of the team: our housekeeper, chef and language teacher. Our chef cooks two tasty meals each day and, each week, we have a BBQ night for the whole house. Our teacher provides in-house language lessons twice a week.

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Adding a whole new element to your healthcare placement, our optional village week sees you living with the Ati tribe on a tropical island, learning about local culture and healthcare. Your experience begins by meeting the tribal Chief and taking a tour of the community. Throughout the week, you’ll visit the local clinic and hospital to learn how healthcare is managed using very limited resources.

Each afternoon, you’ll be involved in everything from weaving and handicrafts to traditional games, herbal medicines, and island hopping along the coast. On your final day, you’ll enjoy a BBQ and traditional dancing ceremony.


Placements in the Philippines - Iloilo

"The hospital was underfunded and overcrowded, and the doctors regularly worked 36-hour shifts."

Megan Williamson, University of Manchester 2018

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"My placement was the perfect mix of fun and physiotherapy experience."

Tisara Pathiranage, La Trobe University 2018

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"Everything went above and beyond my expectations..."

Hannah Wright, Anglia Ruskin University 2018

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"The hospital staff were what made my placement— Filipino people were genuinely some of the happiest people on the planet!"

Andrea Nogueiro, King's College London 2018

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"You may see unusual practises, but it’s important to remember that it’s not your place to try and change them."

Gesley Aguirre, Edinburgh Napier University 2018

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