Back in 2005 we saw an opportunity to redefine the standards of overseas placements for healthcare students across the board. No one seemed to be supporting students’ true needs and interests, because no one was asking what students really wanted. It was all about the numbers, and to us that didn’t seem right.

Creating a one size fits all solution wan’t going to work. Too many people had unique priorities and areas of interest. So after hiring a team of highly experienced overseas placement experts, we developed a system that to this very day allows us to tailor placements down to the smallest detail.

We also wanted to set up a system that would guarantee the communities students worked in got as much from the exchange as possible. We wanted to use these fair, sustainable partnerships with overseas hospitals and communities as a basis for delivering the best medical placements in the world. 

And so, we formed Work the World to take on the challenge.

Today our business and our partnerships are thriving as a result of our commitment to honesty, transparency, fair and sustainable partnerships, and most of all working not for ourselves, but for you.

We now offer real experiences in real settings that offer students real life advantages. With a decade of experience behind us, we’ve proudly sent 9000 students on clinical placements in countries all over the developing world.

But of course, we’re just getting started.

— Omar and Faye, Work the World Co-Directors