Phnom Penh and beyond

  • Phnom Penh is…  “Cambodia’s exotic riverside capital, with golden spires, busy streets and bustling bars.”
  • Disappear into the warrens of the Russian Market and emerge with trinkets, handicrafts and souvenirs
  • Visit the World Heritage site of Angkor Wat – the largest religious monument in the world
  • Take a boat to Koh Rong Island to shimmering seas, white sands and beach parties
  • Visit the markets and street food stalls to mingle with the locals – they can always be relied on to be super friendly
  • Village Healthcare Week: A week in a remote Khmer village – a complete contrast to the culture and healthcare in Phnom Penh


Staying in our Phnom Penh house, you’ll live in a welcoming residential area, not far from the city centre. The house is spacious and relaxing, with chill-out areas on the first and second floors. There’s also a large balcony and a big dining space, while the garden is well set up for our popular weekly BBQs, where you can socialise with new friends.

Our private house is run by our local Program Manager and their assistant. Here for 24/7 support, they also oversee the rest of the team: our housekeeper, chef and language teacher. The chef cooks two tasty house meals each day, and you can improve your local language skills by attending twice-weekly lessons with our teacher.



Our additional week in a rural Khmer village adds a whole new dimension to your clinical placement in Cambodia. A complete contrast to Phnom Penh city, you’ll be living a rural Cambodian life and traditional Khmer culture.

Working in a local health outpost each morning, you’ll be helping out with healthcare for the surrounding rural region. Resources are likely to be more limited than in the city, and cases may be more advanced.

Afternoon cultural activities could involve anything from weaving and Buddhist blessings, to visiting the rice paddies, cooking traditional meals, and going to the local wildlife rescue centre or the Hindu Chisor Mountain Temple.

Placements in Phnom Penh - Cambodia

"Put yourself forward, build relationships with your supervisors and you will get so much more out of your placement. "

Kaylee van de Par, Maastricht University 2017

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Shekinah, Taegen and Amber

"The whole experience shaped us and how we consider our careers."

Shekinah Rasborsek, Taegen Williams and Amber Peucker, Australian Catholic University 2017

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McCreesh, Claire

"During rounds, we observed patients who had been there for several months due to complications with infection — one person we met had been at the hospital for five years!"

Claire McCreesh and Laura Owens, Liverpool John Moores University 2017

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Whittle, Stephanie

"I encountered a lot of interesting cases that were at much more advanced stages than I’ve seen in Australia. Patients wouldn’t even know they were sick until things became quite severe".

Stephanie Whittle, Monash University 2017

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