During your stay you’ll live in one of our private, fully-catered houses that are exclusive to healthcare students and graduates on a Work the World program.  

You get a premium, specialised experience with our team-run houses. You’ll live in safety and comfort the whole time you’re with us. And the house will feel like your home away from home.


Each house has spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, spaces for socialising, relaxing and dining, Wi-Fi, beautiful gardens with sun decks, and many of our houses have swimming pools.

You even get in-house chefs, a housekeeper, and a 24-hour security team for your peace of mind. 

This is a big step up from a homestay (often with a non-English-speaking family and other students on programs unrelated to yours) that you might find elsewhere.

“True to the words on the Work the World website, the house really was a home away from home! I lived with students from all over the world, and we enjoyed comparing our experiences each day." — Rachael Bowis, Nurse, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Your stay in a work the world house includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Dedicated Program Team
  • Housekeeping
  • Language lessons
  • WiFi
  • 24/7 Security

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Staying in a Work the World house is all about the social experience. It’s the same whether you're travelling with uni friends, or going by yourself.

You and your new housemates will get to know each other well — travelling to placement, visiting local bars and restaurants in the evenings, and going on big weekend trips together.

You’ll meet a diverse crowd of fellow healthcare students and graduates. But you’re all together for the same reason. So over the weeks you’ll form strong bonds and make friends (and professional contacts) for life.

If you ever need some time by yourself, the houses are big enough that you can find a spot to quietly read a book by the pool, or watch a film in the living room.


Breakfast and dinner are prepared and served, every day, by your in-house chef team. All our chefs have impressive culinary backgrounds, and they will whip up delicious local dishes as well as more familiar western-style food.

And please don’t worry if you have food sensitivities — your team will accommodate all of your dietary requirements. Don’t forget to ask us about our famous weekly Barbecue Night when enquiring about your placement.

If you’re feeling peckish outside of mealtimes, you have free access to the kitchen. It’s always well stocked.


You get all the in-person support you could ever need while you’re overseas with us. Your in-country team will be on hand from the moment you land to the moment you leave.

And if you’re a more confident and independent person, your team will know when to step back and let you enjoy your experience.

Your team is based in an office in the house, so you can get access to them as and when you need them. And they have close relationships with staff in your placement hospital, so even when you’re on placement you can call on them for support.