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We craft highly tailored placements all over the world based on your interests as an individual. With a decade of experience sending nearly 7000 students abroad you just won't find a service this complete anywhere else.

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Li, David

I did 19 extractions in 2 hours.

Griffith University 2016


Exceptional Clinical experIence

Our students tell us that working in healthcare systems in the developing world is eye-opening. The disparity between the services offered to patients in developed vs. developing nations will become immediately obvious. Lack of access to funds, equipment and resources means the level of care patients receive is limited. You’ll also have a newfound appreciation for the luxuries afforded to both staff and patients back at home, and also pick up skills from seasoned professionals working in these novel environments - one of the key takeaways from the experience.

Relationships between staff and patients will be different to what you’re used to, as will the duties assigned to each role. Leave your trip in our capable hands and we'll provide an experience that has the power to change the course of your life.We know our destinations inside out and upside down. That means we not only know exactly how to completely customise your placement to match your needs, but also how to help you get the most out of your placement. Leave your trip in our capable hands and we'll deliver an experience that will change your life forever.

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Exciting destinations

World travel is one of the most valuable experiences a person can have. It builds both confidence and compassion if you let it. Living and working in another country, another culture, delivers a perspective that is offered by no other experience. You’ll see things that others have never seen, not even seasoned travellers. Try unusual foods, take part in festivals and make friends with new neighbours. Learn new customs and languages, and come to understand different ways of living. In your free time you’ll explore far beyond the reaches of the local community. Climb 5000ft mountains, dive on shipwrecks, trek through jungles, explore ancient cities and enjoy calm golden beaches with a cocktail or two. We have destinations to suit every taste. Just say yes to a placement abroad, and we'll do the rest.

Students and professionals constantly tell us that an internship abroad defines their life. So just say yes, and we'll do the rest. You'll meet, if not surpass all university requirements, pick up clinical skills and experience that will set you apart from your peers, and have the time of your life doing it. Students consistently tell us that an overseas placement defines the university experience. So just say yes, and we'll do the rest.

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